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Festival of Coins Expert Guides
Learn about medieval coin hoards, explore the coins of Cromwell’s England, and found out where the metal in British…
17 September 2020
How much is the Battle of Britain 50p worth?
In 2015 The Royal Mint issued a 50p coin marking the 75th anniversary of the 'Battle of Britain', the aerial battle that…
01 September 2020
The British coins aboard the Ship of Gold
It took over 160 years for the fabled ‘Ship of Gold,’ the SS Central America, to reveal its fabulous 19th-century trove…
14 August 2020
The intriguing history of folded coins
Folding coins has its roots in a variety of spiritual beliefs and superstitions and, as Richard Kelleher of the…
11 August 2020
New £5 coin marks 75th anniversary of the End of the Second World War
The Royal Mint, in collaboration with the Imperial War Museum, is marking the End of the Second World War with a new…
10 August 2020
Your guide to Paddington Bear 50p coins
Found a Paddington Bear 50p? Find out whether its rare, how much it might be worth, and what other Paddington coins you…
02 August 2020
Royal Mint celebrates 150 years of The British Red Cross
The Royal Mint has launched a commemorative £5 coin to celebrate 150 years since the formation of the British Red Cross…
29 July 2020
Royal Mint honour Rosalind Franklin on new 50p coin
The Royal Mint celebrates the legacy of one of Britain’s greatest scientists, Rosalind Franklin, with a commemorative…
20 July 2020
Island Games commemorated on new coins
The 2019 Islands Games were hosted by Gibraltar and the £2, £1 and the 50p coins feature the logo of the International…
13 July 2020

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