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Your guide to rare 50p coins
Discover the rare 50p coins issued in the UK, and find out which are most valuable, in our collecting guide.
14 October 2019
Benedetto Pistrucci's 1818 Crown coin
Find out more about the iconic 1818 Crown coin, design by Italian artist Benedetto Pistrucci, one of the most attractive…
14 October 2019
Dinosaurs of Canada: three new coins from Royal Canadian Mint
Canada's prehistoric past is celebrated on three new coins featuring the Albertosaurus sarcophagus, Pachyrhinosaurus…
14 October 2019
New 50p coin set celebrates the Christmas Pantomime tradition
The Guernsey Treasury has released a new five-coin set of 50ps, featuring much-loved festive pantomimes.
08 October 2019
The Magic of Gold: Austrian Mint launch new coin series
The value of gold and the 'magical role' it has played in civilizations over the centuries is the theme of Austria…
03 October 2019
Your guide to the 10p A to Z coins from The Royal Mint
The Royal Mint released a collection of A to Z 10p coins in 2018, with each of the 26 designs reflecting a Great British…
01 October 2019
The Twelve Days of Christmas: first ever Christmas coin from Royal Australian…
The well-loved song Twelve Days of Christmas has inspired the design of the Royal Australian Mint's first ever Christmas…
27 September 2019
Silver Crown celebrates RRS Sir David Attenborough
Pobjoy Mint have revealed the design of a silver crown, along with a Silver 'Boaty McBoatface' 50p, which was presented…
25 September 2019
New coins pay homage to ACDC
Fans of rock band AC/DC can now add coins to their collection following the release of pieces dedicated to albums For…
15 September 2019

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