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Brought to you by the team behind Coin Collector magazine and the website, the popular 'Buy Coins' newsletter is emailed to over 5,000 collectors each month, giving them everything they need to buy coins and add to their collections.

The email features the latest auction results and previews, traders offers, and more, and it could feature your own…

  • dealer website
  • eBay store
  • delcampe listing
  • price list
  • latest stock
  • upcoming auction

All entries are directly linked to the dealer's website or eBay shop giving collectors the chance to view and buy coins quickly and easily. Simple!

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Why email?

Email is consistently proving to be a simple, effective way of reaching thousands of engaged collectors. The All About Coins emails have an average open rate of over 35% (the industry standard is 20%).

Collectors signed up to the All About Coins email list receive editorial content as well as promotions, meaning the engagement levels are high, with content covering a range of philatelic subjects.