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Australia honours Queen with 50 cent coin
The Royal Australian Mint has commemorated Her Late Majesty Queen Elizabeth II with a 50-cent coin, which is available…
08 December 2023
James Bond celebrated on new coins
To mark the 60th anniversary of James Bond’s cinematic debut, the Royal Mint are celebrating unforgettable 007 films…
05 December 2023
Belgian coin features 'Hanseatic League'
A new €10 commemorative coin from Belgium has been released in honour of the country’s cities involved in the legendary…
01 December 2023
Singapore issue Year of the Dragon coin
To celebrate the forthcoming Lunar New Year, the Singapore mint has issued a new Year of the Dragon coin. The issue is…
29 November 2023
Australia's Donation Dollar wins coin award
The Royal Australian Mint has been named the 'Best CashTech award winner' for its Donation Dollar programme at the…
22 November 2023
Star Wars 50p coins - Luke Skywalker and Princess Leia
The third coin in The Royal Mint's Star Wars 50p collection has been released. Find out more about the coin and how you…
22 November 2023
Last ever Pobjoy Mint coin issued
The last ever coin produced by Pobjoy Mint has been revealed, with the flagship 'Pegasus' design featuring a unique…
20 November 2023
Golden Highlights - Asian Fan
An Asian fan is the subject of this simple 'Golden Highlights' coin from CIT.
20 November 2023
Golden Highlights - Racing
Motor racing is the subject of a new 'Golden Highlights' coin from CIT, perfect to give as a gift!
20 November 2023

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