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Discover the coins of CIT
Passion, curiosity, vision and the relentless pursuit of innovation has led CIT to develop and grow their business,…
15 June 2022
Special offer for Coiniverse users
Coiniverse member Lithuanian Mint gives Coiniverse users a possibility to pre-order their newest silver coin ‘Medea and…
14 June 2022
Vera Valor adding a touch of luxury to Coiniverse
French based company Vera Valor are the latest mint to join forces with Coiniverse, offering users of the app luxury…
30 May 2022
Third Platinum Jubilee 50p from Pobjoy
Pobjoy Mint have revealed the design of a third coin to commemorate the Platinum Jubilee of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth…
30 May 2022
LGBTQ+ 50p coin
The LGBTQ+ commemorative 50p celebrates the 50th anniversary of Pride UK and is the first time Britain’s LGBTQ+…
19 May 2022
Coin marks Lincoln Memorial centenary
Pobjoy Mint has unveiled a brand new reverse frosted bullion $1 coin to celebrate the 100th Anniversary of the Lincoln…
06 May 2022
New £2 coin celebrates 'Heroic Age of Antarctic Exploration'
Released on behalf of the British Antarctic Territory, a new £2 coin is the first in a series celebrating 100 years…
05 May 2022
'Farewell to the Penny' coin from Canada
The last Canadian penny was struck in Winnipeg, Manitoba on 4 May 2012. Ten years later, the Royal Canadian Mint is…
04 May 2022
Shackleton ship Quest on new 50p
Pobjoy Mint has issued a new 50p coin featuring the famous tall ship Quest on behalf of South Georgia and the South…
25 April 2022

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