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Each year, CIT releases over 350 new stunning high quality premium coins, exciting coin fans around the world. Find out more about CIT and their many brilliant coins in our dedicated 'Mint Partner' pages.

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Golden Highlights - Asian Fan
An Asian fan is the subject of this simple 'Golden Highlights' coin from CIT.
20 November 2023
Golden Highlights - Racing
Motor racing is the subject of a new 'Golden Highlights' coin from CIT, perfect to give as a gift!
20 November 2023
Golden Highlights - Darts coin
The classic pub game of darts is the subject of a simple gold coin from CIT, perfect for gifting or for anyone with a…
18 November 2023
Underlook – Undercat
A new coin from CIT shows a unique view of our feline friend, picturing a cat from underneath!
17 November 2023
Hunters by Night – Caiman Kilo Edition
The Caiman staring out from this new kilo coin has an ominous yet impressive presence, thanks to the unique minting…
16 November 2023
Lily Pad – Dragonfly
A beautiful dragonfly sits atop of a lily pad on the latest coin from CIT, issued on behalf of Palau, showcasing the…
14 November 2023
Underwater Fantasy coin
The Underwater Fantasy coin features a remarkable relief design and unqiue embossing, creating a striking image of life…
13 November 2023
Cyber Queen – Rebirth
A second design in the Cyber Queen series of coins, issued on behalf of the government of the Cook Islands, depicts a…
12 November 2023
Historic Instruments - Armillary sphere
The armillary sphere is the subject of the second issue in the 'Historic Instruments' coin series.
11 November 2023

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