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Long-time metal detectorist finds Roman gold Solidus of the Emperor Constantine I

12 August 2019

A long time metal detectorist has just found his best ever coin - a Roman gold Solidus of the Emperor Constantine I in almost perfect condition - expected to fetch around £10,000 at auction next month.

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Chancellor wants 'millions' of Brexit 50p coins
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10 August 2019
Alan Turing to feature on new £50 banknote
Bank of England Governor, Mark Carney, has announced that Alan Turing will appear on the new £50 polymer note, which is…
14 July 2019
Online exhibition: St George & the Dragon, from The Royal Mint Museum
Discover the history of St George on world coins in a new online exhibition from The Royal Mint Museum.
11 July 2019
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05 July 2019
Rare German coin stolen in 1945 returned to rightful home
A unique 17th-century gold coin which was stolen at the end of the Second World War, has been returned to Germany after…
10 June 2019
Metal detectorist discovers Roman coin is worth £10,000
When metal detectorist Tom Thomas found a Roman silver coin nearly thirty years ago, he thought it was nothing out of…
06 June 2019
Viking coins seized by police described as 'nationally important'
A set of Viking coins thought to be worth £500,000 and described as being a 'nationally important hoard' has been…
30 May 2019
Sherlock Holmes 50p includes contentious book title
An author has revealed that the recently issued Sherlock Holmes commemorative 50p coin features an incorrect book title,…
24 May 2019

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