Pobjoy Mint

Set up by the Pobjoy family in 1965, Pobjoy Mint is a manufacturer of legal tender coins for over ten British Overseas Territories. As a private mint, we also produce medals, medallions, official regalia, tokens and numismatic gifts.

We strike official commemorative and circulating coins, therefore, all our coins bear HM Queen Elizabeth II's effigy or the Coat of Arms of the country.

Discover more about the latest coins issued by Pobjoy Mint below and visit the website at: www.pobjoy.com

Last ever Pobjoy Mint coin issued
The last ever coin produced by Pobjoy Mint has been revealed, with the flagship 'Pegasus' design featuring a unique…
20 November 2023
Silver bullion coin features Egyptian god Ra
Pobjoy Mint have revealed a new reverse frosted silver bullion coin issued on behalf of Sierra Leone commemorating 250…
07 July 2023
50p for King Charles III birthday
Pobjoy Mint have produced a new 50p series, on behalf of the British Antarctic Territory, to commemorate the 75th…
05 July 2023
Saturn Glacier on fourth Antarctic glaciers coin
Pobjoy Mint have issued the fourth release in their 2023 £2 coin series, issued on behalf of the British Antarctic…
05 July 2023
Antarctic Glacier: Mars
British Pobjoy Mint have announced a new 2023 £2 coin series issued on behalf of the British Antarctic Territory. The…
28 March 2023
African Animal Masks on new coin series
Pobjoy Mint have announced the release of the first coin in the new series, ‘African Animal Masks’, with the first coin…
18 January 2023
Pobjoy Mint releases Tutankhamun anniversary pyramid-shaped coin
The unique coin celebrates the centenary of the discovery of the Egyptian Pharoah's tomb
06 October 2022
Pobjoy Mint release second William Herschel bicentenary coin
The new £2 coin features the Southern Constellation of Grus – Crane
29 September 2022
New £2 coin celebrates the bicentenary of astronomer William Herschel
The first coin in a new Southern Constellations five-coin series features Apus – Bird of Paradise
22 September 2022

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