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Your guide to dinosaur 50p coins
The Royal Mint’s ‘Dinosauria Collection’ began in 2020 with a set of three 50p coins celebrating the discovery of…
16 June 2021
Your guide to rare 10p coins
The Royal Mint released a collection of A to Z 10p coins in 2018, with each of the 26 designs reflecting a Great British…
15 June 2021
Your guide to rare 20p coins
Introduced in 1982, the 20p coin has been one of the most consistent of Britain's coins, but there are rare varieties…
15 June 2021
Hungary finally issue Euro 2020 coin
Hungarian Mint Ltd have released their Euro 2020 coin, which was originally planned to be released last year, before the…
14 June 2021
Collect coins by theme: A is for Archaic
In the first of a new series on collecting coins by theme, Paula Hammond, goes back to the very beginnings of coinage…
14 June 2021
Gold coins: Belgium's colonial coins
Sebastian Wieschowski, provides an introduction to the gold coins of Europe, focussing here on a relic from Belgium’s…
03 June 2021
The Who honoured with coin set
The Royal Mint has launched a new range of collectable coins in honour of the British rock band, The Who, whose classic…
24 May 2021
John Logie Baird 50p
The Royal Mint's third coin in its Innovation in Science series is a commemorative 50p coin celebrating the life and…
10 May 2021
Little Miss Sunshine £5 coin
The final coin in The Royal Mint's Mr Men Little Miss £5 coin collection features Little Miss Sunshine, with the vibrant…
04 May 2021

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