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Underlook – Undercat
A new coin from CIT shows a unique view of our feline friend, picturing a cat from underneath!
17 November 2023
Hunters by Night – Caiman Kilo Edition
The Caiman staring out from this new kilo coin has an ominous yet impressive presence, thanks to the unique minting…
16 November 2023
Lily Pad – Dragonfly
A beautiful dragonfly sits atop of a lily pad on the latest coin from CIT, issued on behalf of Palau, showcasing the…
14 November 2023
Underwater Fantasy coin
The Underwater Fantasy coin features a remarkable relief design and unqiue embossing, creating a striking image of life…
13 November 2023
Cyber Queen – Rebirth
A second design in the Cyber Queen series of coins, issued on behalf of the government of the Cook Islands, depicts a…
12 November 2023
Historic Instruments - Armillary sphere
The armillary sphere is the subject of the second issue in the 'Historic Instruments' coin series.
11 November 2023
K2 coin
The 'Peaks' series of coins continues with a remarkable piece dedicated to K2, the world's second highest mountain.
10 November 2023
Steampunk – Nautilus Kilo Edition
CIT continue their 'Steampunk' series of coins with a design inspired by Jules Verne’s '20,000 Leagues Under the Sea'.
09 November 2023
Eiffel Tower 5 oz coin
Since its unveiling at the World Exhibition in 1889, this architectural masterpiece has enraptured the world and now the…
08 November 2023

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