Last ever Pobjoy Mint coin issued


20 November 2023
The last ever coin produced by Pobjoy Mint has been revealed, with the flagship 'Pegasus' design featuring a unique privy mark in the shape of a horseshoe and "T" as a final signature from the Mint Master, Taya Pobjoy.

The coin has been issued on behalf of the British Virgin Islands Government and is available in Proof Fine 1oz Silver and Proof Fine 1oz Gold.

The design of the coin shows the mythical horse rearing up with his wings spread. A unique horseshoe privy mark features on the coin.

Pegasus is one of the best-known creatures in Greek mythology. The winged horse is often said to have sprang from the blood of Medusa as she was beheaded by the hero Perseus and then tamed by Bellerophon's, ready to be rode into battle against the Khimaira.

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Approved by Buckingham Palace this coin carries an effigy of His Majesty King Charles III produced exclusively by Pobjoy Mint.

Significance to the Mint Master

To mark the retirement of Mint Master Taya Pobjoy, this special and unique coin has been produced showing the winged horse Pegasus with a special privy mark to commemorate the end of an era. Our flagship Pegasus coin has a Privy Mark added showing a horseshoe with the letter 'T' incused into it to represent Taya Pobjoy's love of horses.

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