Latest 'Great Engravers' coin revealed


15 February 2024
The Royal Mint has launched the next coin in its Great Engravers collection, paying homage to the St George and the dragon crown designed by Benedetto Pistrucci.

The Royal Mint recently unveiled the next coin in its Great Engravers Collection, paying tribute to Benedetto Pistrucci’s St George and the dragon.

A skilled gem engraver, Pistrucci created a series of masterpieces, including the iconic St George and the dragon design for the Sovereigns of 1817, which was subsequently adapted for the 1818 crown.

The Royal Mint have 'brought the historic design into the 21st Century' using high-precision milling machines to cut the coining dies, along with hand-finishing techniques and laser technology.

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Inspired by the original Latin edge inscription on the 1818 Crown which relates to the 58th year of George III’s reign, the new collector’s piece now references the reign of His Majesty King Charles III.

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The Great Engravers Collection celebrates some of the finest artists and engravers to have worked ton British coinage. Previous launched for the collection have celebrated iconic designs by former Royal Mint Chief Engravers Thomas Simon and William Wyon.

Rebecca Morgan, Director of Collector Services at The Royal Mint said:

“Our Great Engravers Collection offers remastered original coin designs for collectors across the world to own and admire for years to come. More than 200 years after it was first struck, we are thrilled to be unveiling the remastered 1818 St George and the Dragon crown design, which demonstrates The Royal Mint’s world-renowned craftmanship”.

Gordon Summers, Chief Engraver at The Royal Mint:

“Crafted in 1818 by Benedetto Pistrucci, this masterpiece is renowned as one of the most beautiful coins in history. Through a meticulous blend of traditional engraving techniques and modern minting technology, we've faithfully remastered this iconic design, ensuring that it captures the essence of its original beauty.

"Collectors have the extraordinary opportunity to own a piece of numismatic history that embodies the finest traditions of British craftsmanship and artistry.”