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View from Europe: Germany’s search for a numismatic icon
Numismatics and precious metals writer Sebastian Wieschowski reflects on Germany’s tentative search for a numismatic…
15 May 2019
Ask the experts: Coin valuation with Change Checker
NEW SERIES! Change Checker answer questions on the history of your coins, the design and how much your coins are…
13 May 2019
How to start collecting English banknotes
Jonathan Callaway provides a guide to collecting English notes and the wide range of possible collecting themes.
10 May 2019
Special Lake District currency boosts local commerce
Local businesses in the UK's beautiful Lake District are accepting the Lake District Pound (LD£), a unique currency…
21 January 2019
Sceatta List: An illustrated and priced catalogue of sceats for collectors Tony…
James Booth assesses the latest edition of the comprehensive guide to silver sceattas, which according to author Tony…
15 January 2019
British Banknotes - your guide to English and Scottish banknotes
Banknote expert Jonathan Callaway examines the notes of the Bank of England and the three Scottish note issuing banks
13 January 2019
Latest online coin prices from Delcampe
Your exclusive guide to recent coin and banknote sales gives you the latest prices paid on the popular internet auction…
10 November 2018
Guernsey £20 note marks Great War centenary
The States of Guernsey Treasury has revealed the design of a new version of the Guernsey £20 note to commemorate 100…
07 November 2018
Banknote collecting guide: Planes, airports and pilots on banknotes
Banknote and stamp collector Brian Asquith gives a brief history of planes, airports and pilots illustrated on the…
05 October 2018

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