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Collecting Medieval coins on a budget
My interest in medieval coins started with the acquisition of a group of pennies and a couple of groats from a publican…
30 September 2018
Interview: coin condition and coin grading
We asked Max Spiegel, Senior Vice President of the USA-based firm Certified Collectibles Group, about the services…
19 September 2018
Collecting Greek coins on a budget
Collector and Coin Collector magazine contributor Ed Archer provides a first-hand account of his explorations of Greek…
03 September 2018
What is numismatics?
Numismatics is the study or collection of coins. A person who studies or collects coinage is often referred to as a…
03 February 2018
De La Rue create special Star Wars: The Last Jedi banknote
It might not be accepted currency on this planet, but a new note produced by De La Rue is proving popular with banknote…
05 December 2017
New £1 banknote featuring Jane Austen is launched
The new polymer £10 banknote was recently launched at Winchester Cathedral, the resting place of author Jane Austen…
18 July 2017
Only 15% of figures celebrated on world banknotes are women
The new polymer £10 note featuring a portrait of author Jane Austen is set to be introduced into circulation in…
17 July 2017
Banknote video: introducing the new polymer £5 note
Watch the Bank of England's video introducing the new polymer £5 note which was put into circulation in September 2016…
04 October 2016
Banknotes held at The British Library
Discover more about the major collections of banknotes from around the world held at The British Library
04 May 2016

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