Guernsey £20 note marks Great War centenary


07 November 2018
The States of Guernsey Treasury has revealed the design of a new version of the Guernsey £20 note to commemorate 100 years since the end of the First World War.

The commemorative £20 note entered circulation on 8 November 2018, and a  limited issue of 500,000 notes has been commissioned.

While the overall note design and security features are similar to the 1996 series full circulating note, there are a number of specific changes that have been made to the note to mark this anniversary:

  • Commemorative text can be found on the top of the front of the note
  • The serial number has a special prefix of TGW denoting ‘The Great War’
  • There are multiple poppy motifs throughout the front and back of the note:
    • The security hologram shows a poppy together with the denomination 20
    • There is a wreath of poppies around the gold seal
    • On the back of the note there is a prominent multi-coloured image of poppies

This is the fourth commemorative banknote to be produced by the States of Guernsey and the first commemorative with changes to both sides of the note.  

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The other banknotes were:

  • 2000 Millennium £5 
  • 2012 Her Majesty’s Diamond Jubilee £20 
  • 2013 De La Rue £1 

Uncirculated banknotes can be purchased from the Guernsey Post Office, Envoy House, La Vrangue, St Peter Port GY1 1AA or form the website

The statement from States of Guernsey also noted: 'There are no plans to introduce polymer notes at the present time but this remains under review.'