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Third coin celebrating the King's 75th features Caernarfon Castle
The new 50p coin shows the Welsh castle where His Majesty was invested as Prince of Wales in 1969
24 August 2023
New 50p with King Charles lll Royal Cypher
Pobjoy Mint is celebrating the accession of His Majesty King Charles lll with a new 50p coin featuring the Royal Cypher
02 March 2023
Pobjoy Mint releases Tutankhamun anniversary pyramid-shaped coin
The unique coin celebrates the centenary of the discovery of the Egyptian Pharoah's tomb
06 October 2022
Pobjoy Mint release second William Herschel bicentenary coin
The new £2 coin features the Southern Constellation of Grus – Crane
29 September 2022
Secret Heart 2022
Could there be a more perfect love token for numismatists?
25 August 2022
Alexander the Great – Ancient Greece
The Ancient Greek military leader is regarded as one of the finest generals in history
25 August 2022
Ptolemaios l – Ancient Greece
The owner of the magnificent profile on this coin introduced coinage to Egypt
25 August 2022
Philip ll of Macedon – Ancient Macedon
The father of Alexander the Great restored peace to his country and gained dominion over Greece
25 August 2022
Golden Edaphosaurus – Evolution of Life
The extinct creature's name means 'pavement lizard' because of its dense clusters of teeth
25 August 2022

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