Festival of Coins

The Festival of Coins is open! Between 18 September to 16 October 2020 you can add to your collection with the Festival Marketplace, and add to your knowledge with expert exhibits, videos and presentations, all detailed in the Festival Programme.

Combating Counterfeiting Coins in the Numismatic Community
The proliferation of counterfeit coins and precious metals into the U.S. marketplace poses danger to the future of the…
12 October 2020
Spotlight on modern GB coins
Discover more about collecting modern coins and which 10p, 50p and £2 pieces to look out for, with video guides from…
10 October 2020
The Lure of Sceats
In this exclusive video, collector and coin expert Tony Abramson provides an in-depth examination of sceats, alluring…
09 October 2020
The Origins of Money
Doug Mudd, Curator of the ANA Money Museum, provides an in-depth guide to the origins or currency around the world,…
08 October 2020
Coin Trench Art of the First World War
Identification tags, ash trays and countless other artifacts were hand crafted from the detritus of the war including…
07 October 2020
The Modern Minting Process: Errors and Varieties
Explore the minting process and learn how each procedure can lead to the possible creation of collectible errors and…
06 October 2020
Website launch: Medallic Art Co (MACO)
Jesse Kraft, of the The American Numismatic Society, presents the new website dedicated to the Medallic Art Co (MACO)…
05 October 2020
The Impact of COVID on the Numismatic Market
Greg Rohan, President of Heritage Auctions gives his unique perspective on the effect of COVID on numismatic auctions…
04 October 2020
Why Use Third-party Certification for Your Collectible Coins, Tokens and Medals?
David Camire, NGC Grader Finalizer and NCS President explains third-party certification and the services and benefits of…
03 October 2020

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