VIDEO LESSON: The Importance of Eye Appeal


26 September 2021
In this in-depth video guide, Jeff Garrett explains what great eye-appeal really means and explores the important issue of eye-appeal so that you may become a more successful collector.

Part of the Summer Seminar course samplers from the ANA.

The hardest thing for most collectors to understand is what great eye-appeal really means. This is truly subjective and what seems great to one person may seem average to another.

If you are a serious collector you owe it to yourself to understand the subtleties of eye-appeal. The market's emphasis on quality now demands that you learn as much as possible about the series you collect. Jeff Garrett's class will explore this important issue so that you may become a more successful collector.

With thanks to Doug Mudd at the American Numismatic Association.
Presenters: Jeff Garrett
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