How much is my 50p worth?


25 June 2019
There is a growing number of special 50p coins for collectors to find, from the 2012 Olympics 50p coins to the rare Kew Gardens 50p. Read our special guides and find out how much your 50p coin collection is worth…

When the 50p coin was first introduced in 1969, to replace the 10 shilling note, many people didn’t like the world’s only seven-sided coin, but fast forward fifty years and the 50p coin is perhaps Britain’s most popular coin, thanks mainly to the range of commemorative designs issued over the years. 

And some of the coins we find in our change are worth more than the face value.

Kew Gardens 50p coin  Isaac Newton 50p   1992-1993 50p   Jemima Puddle Duck 50p coin

The 50p coins at the top of the list for value are:

A selection of the London 2012 Olympics 50p coins

Perhaps the most popular 50p coins, or the series that captured the public's imagination was the London 2012 Olympics 50p coinsSee the full list of the coins and their value here…

The Royal Mint issued 29 coins, each depicting a different Olympic sport. The coins sparked a collecting frenzy that still goes on today and prompts many people to ask how much the different coins are worth. Most single coins sell for around £5 or less, the 'Football' 50p coin fetches around £8.

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Why are some 50p coins more expensive than others?

In addition to the simple maths of supply and demand, some 50p coins are only issued in 'uncirculated' condition or in certain metals, giving them more value.

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'Brilliant Uncirculated' 50p coins

Brilliant Uncirculated, sometimes shortened to ‘BU’ or ‘B.UNC’, refers to coins that are of a higher standard than those which are entered into circulation. According to The Royal Mint: 'They are intended as an entry-level collectable coin or as the perfect gift for someone looking to mark a special year.'

BU 50p coins usually cost around £10 direct from The Royal Mint.

Some commemorative coins are only produced as BU coins, and so are not usually seen in our loose change. Whether or not you want to include these coins in your collection is entirely up to you. Special coins issued in this format, and not put into general circulation include:

Silver Proof and 'coloured' 50p coins

The Royal Mint also issue 50p coins in special collectable formats, including Silver Proof versions which are worth more and often limited to a mintage of less than 100,000. Silver Proof 50p coins are usually sold for around £60.

Special coloured versions of 50p coins are also released, often in a 'Silver Proof' quality, such as the range of Beatrix Potter coins. Again, these are created for the collector and are not entered into circulation (if you see a coloured coin in your change make sure you keep it!)

Buyer beware! Some unscrupulous sellers are offering coloured versions of the coins which are nothing more than coloured stickers placed over the more common 50p pieces. We would recommend you avoid these fakes.

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