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Articles on British coins, including Roman coins, Celtic coins, pre-decimal and modern GB coins

Video: Treasures of the Royal Mint Museum
The Coin Collector team recently hosted a special webinar showcasing some of the many numismatic gems held at The Royal…
15 March 2023
Which way does the King face on coins?
The change in our coinage following the passing of the Queen has grabbed the public's attention, and the coins of King…
01 October 2022
What will happen to coins following the Queen's death?
What will happen to our coins following the death of Queen Elizabeth II? When will we see King Charles III on our coins,…
13 September 2022
Third Platinum Jubilee coin
The Royal Mint has unveiled the final coin in its special collection celebrating the Queen's reign
11 August 2022
Your guide to the Queen Victoria 'Bun' Penny
Discover the historical background to this interesting Victorian coin – issued between 1860 and 1894 – in this special…
25 January 2022
Your guide to rare 20p coins
Introduced in 1982, the 20p coin has been one of the most consistent of Britain's coins, but there are rare varieties…
15 June 2021
How much is the Battle of Britain 50p worth?
In 2015 The Royal Mint issued a Battle of Britain 50p coin marking the 75th anniversary of the aerial battle that took…
16 December 2020
Music Legends: David Bowie £5 coin
The David Bowie £5 coin is the third in The Royal Mint’s ‘Music Legends’ collection, and follows coins in honour of…
07 December 2020
The Angel gold coin explained
Your video guide to the Angel, an English gold coin introduced by King Edward IV in 1465 which lasted until the 17th…
05 July 2020

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