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Articles on British coins, including Roman coins, Celtic coins, pre-decimal and modern GB coins

Junk box gems: a Maundy twopence coin of William IV
In our latest look at a coin you may well find in a 'junk box' at a coin or antiques fair, we take a look at a Maundy…
06 September 2018
The Civil War coins of Charles I from the Oxford mint
The tumultuous period of the English civil wars of the mid-17th century had a profound effect on the coinage of the…
01 August 2018
British Museum coins: Love tokens and engraved coins of 18th-century Britain
Our insight into the collections of the British Museum sheds light on the engraved coins of 18th-century Britain and the…
01 July 2018
Queen Anne and the Battle of Vigo Bay
Richard Kelleher looks at a large gold coin of Queen Anne (1702-14), now held at the Fitzwilliam Museum in Cambridge,…
01 June 2018
British Museum coins: Cardinal Wolsey’s Hat
This coin from the British Museum Coins and Medals department reveals the story of the downfall of Henry VIII's most…
16 May 2018
A propagandist medal of Elizabeth I
When hearing the word ‘medal’ one typically thinks of the orders and decorations worn on the lapels of military service…
01 May 2018
A brief introduction to unofficial farthings
Ed Fletcher discovers the history of unofficial farthings and their widespread use in the towns of Victorian Britain.
26 March 2018
Coins of the three kings: George V, Edward VIII and George VI
An exploration of coins issued during the reigns of King George V, King Edward VIII and King George VI.
12 March 2018
British Museum Coins: A medal for Mary
We examine a gold medal dating to the mid-16th century by Italian engraver Jacopo da Trezzo (c.1514-89), held at the…
01 March 2018

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