Rare Mexican coins sold in Tokyo


03 October 2019
The recent sale at Tokyo's Ginza Coins included a selection of rare Mexican coins amongst a wide selection of World and Japanese coins.

The Ginza Coins postal sale featured a selection of eight Mexican coins which attracted interest.

A Mexican Republic gold 50 Pesos piece from 1947 sold for £1,379. 
The coin was one of four examples on offer, with each coin achieving a similar hammer price.

Mexico, Republic gold 50 Pesos 1947, KM481

A Mexico, Republic 8 Reales coin from 1875 sold for £224.

The Mexican coat of arms, also seen on the nation's flag, is seen on many Mexican coins. The depiction of the eagle perched on a cactus with a snake in its mouth is said by some to be a representation of good vs evil. However, the symbol is also mentioned in Aztec legend which states that the Gods instructed the Aztecs to leave their home and settle in a place where they saw the eagle and snake, namely Mexico City. 

Mexico 8 Reales coin

Mexico, Republic gold 20 Pesos 1893. Sold for £1,118.

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Mexico 20 Pesos Coin

A Mexico, Republic gold 50 Pesos from 1957, marking the centenary of the 1857 Constitution, sold for £1,639.

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