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World record broken by Cope Collection coin
A ‘Petition Crown’ of Charles II, one of the most important coins ever struck has been sold for CHF949,375, which is the…
15 June 2024
Silver didrachm fetches over £13,000
Heritage held a World Coins Showcase Auction on 14 November. Dating from c.248–230 BC, the auction included a silver…
09 February 2024
Rare gold stater sold in Norfolk
Dating from c.25 BC–AD 10, one of the highlights from the recent Chris Rudd sale was a rare Tasciovanos gold stater of…
02 February 2024
Gold dollar from 1861 sold for £83,000
The Dallas Signature sale held by Heritage on 16–19 November included many American rarities, including a gold 1861 $1…
26 January 2024
Islamic rarity sold by Baldwins
The recent Ancient, Medieval and Milled British, World and Islamic Coins sale at Baldwins included one of the rarest…
19 January 2024
Roman coin of Trajan sold for £6.5k
A gold aureus from the rein of Trajan (AD 98–117) was one of the highlights from the recent Savoca auction (lot 189).
12 January 2024
Elizabeth I coins fetch thousands
The Premier Sale of British and World Coins, Medals, Numismatic Literature at St James’s on 8 November included several…
09 January 2024
Heart-shaped coins fetch £35,000
The recent Daniel Frank Sedwick sale featured 'heart-shaped cobs' from Bolivia, said to represent the Sacred Heart of…
04 January 2024
'Black Prince' coin sold in London
Among the British coins at the recent Harmers of London sale, was an extremely fine example of Anglo-Gallic coinage from…
29 December 2023

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