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Discover the latest prices paid for coins at auction houses around the world and online. Prices include buyer's premium unless otherwise stated.

Coin auction round-up
Discover the latest prices paid at auction in our regular round-up of coin sales…
10 September 2021
Scottish rarity realises $180,000
A Scotland 1576 James VI £20 coin, said to be the largest gold issue of the British Isles, was recently sold at Stack’s…
03 September 2021
Most expensive banknote sold at a UK auction
A remarkable and recently discovered ‘Hong Kong 1860’ Five Dollar Banknote - the earliest known fully issued banknote of…
31 August 2021
Australian coins break records in Monaco
The recent auction at MDC Monaco featured an incredibly rare Australian £5 essay, described as a 'museum piece' and one…
15 June 2021
Chinese silver dollar fetches $1.34 million
A China YR 3 (1911) Silver Dollar Long Whiskered Dragon more than quadrupled its pre-auction estimate recently, selling…
07 June 2021
Charles I Crown fetches £5,000
The recent sale at London Coins saw a variety of pieces and banknotes go under the hammer, including a Tower Mint under…
06 June 2021
Auction Report: Dark Age Coinage at Spink
The Tony Abramson Collection of Dark Age Coinage – Parts I and II was sold during a mammoth twelve-hour auction at Spink…
04 June 2021
Silver heads surprise at Chris Rudd sale
Chris Rudd’s recent all-Celtic sale saw a number of silver coins with heads on perform surprisingly well, as our latest…
03 June 2021
Rare US banknote fetches over £320,000
A 1928 $10,000 Federal Reserve Note (Kansas City) sold for a record-breaking price of £328,650 at a recent Heritage…
01 May 2021

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