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Discover the latest prices paid for coins at auction houses around the world and online. Prices include buyer's premium unless otherwise stated.

Celtic coin records smashed
Some world record prices were reportedly paid in the second sale of the John Follows collection of British Celtic coins…
22 June 2020
Carausius coin fetches £4,216
An extremely rare coin was minted by the Emperor Carausius, described as being 'the first ever Brexiteer', has been sold…
10 June 2020
English coins collection sold online
A single owner collection of English Coins was the highlight of Dix Noonan Webb’s recent live online auction, which also…
11 May 2020
US coin errors sold at Heritage
Heritage Auctions’ recent sale of Error Coinage saw an array of intriguing pieces, including a Kennedy Half Dollar with…
28 April 2020
Silver penny of the boy king fetches £11,160
A rare Silver penny of the boy king Edward the Martyr - the teenager who ruled Saxon Britain in the 10th century – that…
24 April 2020
Beautiful coins at recent Künker sale
German auction house Künker have confirmed: "The coin market is stable despite Corona" and recently picked out a…
23 April 2020
Latest online coin prices from Delcampe
Discover the latest coin prices with your exclusive guide to recent coin and banknote sales on the popular internet…
13 April 2020
Masterpieces of United States Coinage fetch millions
Over two days the continuing sale of The D. Brent Pogue Collection of US coins and banknotes achieved an incredible…
08 April 2020
British coins sell well at Spink
Spink's 'behind closed doors' sale saw 97% of the lots sell for over the pre-sale estimate, proving that the world of…
04 April 2020

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