Coin Collector, Issue 22

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Discover the coins of Emperor Gallienus; explore the kingdom of Wessex and the coins produced there; understand more about British Celtic coins; and get the latest 50p scarcity news… all in this packed issue of Coin Collector!

On Sale: 27/10/2023

What's in this issue?

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What's in this Issue?

Roman coins of Emperor Gallienus
Discover this turbulent period for the Roman Empire and the coins and mints that reflect these times

Anglo-Saxon coins
We explore the kingdom of Wessex and how the reign of King Alfred led to a unified England

British Celtic coins
Dr Tim Wright outlines why British Celtic coins have been described as both imitations and inspired originals

50p update
Discover the top five Trending UK 50p Coins.

And so much more expert collecting advice…

  • In his latest Treasure Hunt column, Michael Burzan reveals how to identify the ducats of Emperor Franz Joseph I
  • The rich cultural and religious history of Judean coins
  • Beautiful banknotes from six Oceania nations
  • Exclusive reports from the World’s Fair of Money
  • Your chance to win a The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe 50p!

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