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The intriguing history of folded coins, visit the world's TOP coin museums - from home! And we delve into the story of the SS Central America and the coins discovered beneath the waves...

On Sale: 08/05/2020

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What's in this Issue?

Inside Issue 8 of Coin Collector magazine:

Issue 8 of Coin Collector features an exclusive report on the renowned SS America shipwreck discovery, which has seen a remarkable haord of numismatic treasures resurface and excite the collecting market. US expert Donn Pearlman tells the story of the ill-fated ship and details the many rare coins discovered many years later – including a range of scarce British pieces.

The packed issue also features a comprehensive collecting guide to the 20 Francs coin, produced by a number of European countries and now one of the most esteemed coins form the Continent. We take a look at the lost mints of Anglo-Saxon England; continue our in-depth examination of Medieval coin forgeries, and provide a special feature on caring for your coins.

Our banknote travels take us to Bhutan, as we detail the colourful paper money of the beautiful mountainous country; we take another look at collecting modern British coins with Change Checker, whilst the popular British Numismatist pages bring you more academic insight into the world of coins, together with updates on the latest discoveries, events, and exhibitions.

With the latest news, auction and online prices, new coins, medals spotlight, events, interviews, opinion and more, Coin Collector is quickly becoming your must-read guide to the wonderful world of numismatics.

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