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From swashbuckling pirates to coin superstitions, medieval error coins to forthcoming 50ps (Star Wars anyone?) issue 20 has a range of expert articles to help you improve your knowledge and your collection.

On Sale: 23/06/2023

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What's in this Issue?

Who doesn’t love a swashbuckling pirate story? In issue 20 of Coin Collector we share stories of ‘pieces of eight’ and as we explore the history and appeal of coins of Spanish America.

The magazine also features a range of in-depth expert guides, covering topics including error coins from the medieval period; the many different coins used in France over the centuries; the beautiful banknotes of Mexico; and the origins of long-held coin-related superstitions.

Our new ‘Coin Hunter’ guide provides an update on the latest 50p coins coming this year (including Star Wars); we take a quick visit to the world’s top numismatic museums; and bring you all the latest collecting news and auction results in this packed issue.

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