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Issue 18 of Coin Collector takes us around the world and back in time as we give you the lowdown on Roman and Islamic coins; the heroes and villains on English coins; and dare to look at history’s ugliest coins! Plus, we explore the intriguing origins of Irish coins, and there’s the usual mix of news, views, advice and your chance to win Royal Mint’s 2023 Annual Set.

On Sale: 03/02/2023

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What's in this Issue?

In issue 18 of Coin Collector, we discover how the Romans revolutionised coinage; plus we take an in-depth look at the remarkable large bronze coins of Gallic Emperor Postumus; dare to look at history’s ugliest coins; and in another expert guide we marvel at the beauty of the Fatimid Dynasty coins, beautiful Islamic pieces that are increasingly popular with collectors.


Closer to home, we examine Britain’s last Sterling currency, profile the heroes and villains that appeared on English coins, and take an intriguing look at the origins of Irish money.


With the chance to win the Royal Mint’s 2023 Annual Set, the latest new coins, the popular 50p and £2 scarcity index, investment advice, and so much more, Coin Collector has everything you need to build your collection.

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