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From rare shipwreck coins and the stories they hold to modern coins on the theme of rock music, issue 16 has something for every collector. We help you understand Islamic coins and the money of the Byzantine Empire, look at the tokens on unusual ‘coins’ used during Tudor times, and reveal prices paid for Queen Anne shillings.

On Sale: 16/09/2022

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What's in this Issue?

Discover the many links between coinage and the ocean in our in-depth guide to maritime money, including how to add rare shipwreck coins to your collection.

Start a rock ‘n’ roll theme today with the help of our guide to the modern coins paying homage to rock music icons.

Also in issue 16, we bring you a back-to-basics guides to coins of the Byzantine Empire, and reveal how Islamic coinage is worth your time even if the markings can be confusing to some. Our guide to coin alternatives in 16th-century Britain reveals the tokens and pieces used during Tudor times, whilst we provide a price guide to Queen Anne shillings.

PLUS: Your coins identified, latest new coins, auction reports, price guides, and the latest 50p, £2 and 10p scarcity index

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