Coin Collector Issue 15

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Discover India's coin heritage, find out more about the West Norfolk Hoard, the new jubilee 50p, the UK’s rarest £2 coins… and so much more!

On Sale: 13/05/2022

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What's in this Issue?

Inside your packed issue of Coin Collector, you will...


  • Learn how much you should pay for George III shillings & six pence and why Edward VIII’s 1937 penny coin is worth thousands
  • Discover India's coin heritage, from Mughals to modern pieces
  • Read the history of India's banknotes
  • Discover what the West Norfolk Hoard tells us about our history
  • Learn the composition of coins and its impact on their value
  • Get a £2 coin guide, including the Top 10 RARE £2 coin checklist & value guide
  • You'll read about the Platinum Jubilee 50p in detail
  • Finally, this issue has the scarcity index showing the UK's rarest 10p, 50p, and £2 coins.

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