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Issue 11 of Coin Collector is packed with more expert guides, collecting tips, news and views.

On Sale: 14/05/2021

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What's in this Issue?

Inside Issue 11 of Coin Collector:


• In our cover story ‘Bloody Mary’s money’, Dr Murray Andrews examines the coinage used during the reign of Mary I and reveals a tumultuous period of British history which forever changed the nation’s attitudes to religion and money.


• Dark Age Coins demystified: midway through the sale of his renowned collection of Dark Age coins, expert Tony Abramson describes the historical significance of ten pieces.


• As we celebrate the fiftieth anniversary of decimalisation, Tom Hockenhull, Curator: Medals and Modern Money, British Museum provides ten little-known facts about how it happened, and bringing the story of modern coinage up to the present day, Alex Siddons of Change Checker takes a look at the range of new coins being issued this year by The Royal Mint.


• In the second part of his series focussing on the gold coins of Europe, Sebastian Wieschowski examines Greece’s royal and fiscal history, and reveals how the country’s financial instability meant few gold pieces were ever produced.


• Plus, we chat to US Mint designer Chris Costello about his artwork on coins, continue our series charting the appearance of Britannia on British coins; bring you the latest auction results and news stories; and bring you opinion pieces from Europe and the USA as we continue to cover the global coin market.

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