Collecting projects: display your collection


14 April 2020
In this collecting project Paula Hammond looks at the benefits of properly storing and displaying your coin collection…

Like all collectables, coins need to be handled and stored carefully. Metal reacts to the environment and is easily tarnished: the less you handle your coins, the better. 

Find a storage solution to suit the coins

If you collect medium-to-high-grade coins then you’ll need storage media that not only protects them from knocks but excessive humidity and temperature. However, with lower-grade coins, this is less of an issue and gives you the opportunity to display and share your collection with others.

Dansco-style albums are a cheap, easy option, as they have deep holes for the coins to sit securely in, and room to affix protective sheets between.

Collections that are of interest rather than monetary value, can be sealed in picture frames, displayed in themed rows or dynamic arrangements.  

Display cases can be created from old jewellery boxes and charity-shop furniture drawers. Interiors should be padded and lined with material that doesn’t shed. Decoupage exteriors can even be clipped from Coin Collector magazine.

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Working on a coin display like this with children in lockdown is especially fun. Start them in the hob-by with pocket-change collections and add an educational element by challenging them to display coins by date, size, metal, country, or theme.

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