US Mint issue coin and stamp set for Breast Cancer Awareness


04 October 2018
The United States Mint has started accepting orders for the 2018 Breast Cancer Awareness Coin and Stamp Set, which will help raise funds for the Breast Cancer Research Foundation.

Priced at $39.95, the new set includes one Breast Cancer Awareness Proof Half Dollar produced at the San Francisco Mint and one US Postal Service Breast Cancer Research stamp.

The obverse (heads) of the coin features two women. The older woman has her hands on her chest and a relieved expression on her face. The younger woman, with a scarf on her head, holds one hand over her chest and the other raised in a fist as if she is ready to fight. A butterfly flies above the two women. Inscriptions on the obverse are “LIBERTY,” “2018,” and “IN GOD WE TRUST.”

The coin’s reverse (tails) depicts a Tiger Swallowtail butterfly in flight, a symbol of hope. Inscriptions on the reverse are “UNITED STATES OF AMERICA,” “HALF DOLLAR,” “E PLURIBUS UNUM,” and “BREAST CANCER AWARENESS.”

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Designed by Ethel Kessler, the stamp features an illustration of a mythical “goddess of the hunt” by Whitney Sherman and includes the phrases “FUND THE FIGHT” and “FIND A CURE.”

The encapsulated coin and stamp are mounted on a folder with facts about breast cancer. The folder is housed in a sleeve with the Certificate of Authenticity printed on the back.

Find out more on the US Mint website.