Royal Numismatic Society's Lhotka prize awarded


17 August 2023
The Roman Republic to 49 BCE: Using Coins as Sources by Professor Liv Mariah Yarrow, chair of classics at Brooklyn College, has been awarded the 2022 Lhotka Memorial Prize by the Royal Numismatic Society (RNS).

The prize is awarded to the author of the book or article in English considered most helpful to the elementary student of numismatics and published in the previous two calendar years.


The book introduces the student of ancient history to the various ways in which coins can be used to understand the history of the Roman Republic, including early Roman relations and imperialism, urban politics, constitutional history and the rise of powerful generals.

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The text is accompanied by over 200 illustrations of coins fundamental to understanding the history of the period.

Yarrow’s book is part of the ‘Guides to the Coinage of the Ancient World’ series co-published by Cambridge University Press and the American Numismatic Society. Other published volumes in the series include The Athenian Empire (by Lisa Kallet and John H Kroll) and From Caesar to Augustus: 49 BC–AD 14 (by Clare Rowan).