Demand for Roger Federer coin crashes mint website


02 December 2019
Demand for a 20-franc silver uncirculated commemorative coin dedicated to tennis star Roger Federer crashed the Swissmint website recently, as pre-sales for the special coin attracted a reported '2.5 million clicks'

The new coin, which has an issue date of 23 January 2020, marked two 'firsts' for Swissmint. The coin is the first Swiss coin to honour a living person and the first coin to be offered in advance, with orders being taken via the mint website from 2 December.

However, huge demand for the coin meant that the Swissmint online shop crashed, and at the time of writing is still not working. Swissmint CEO Marius Haldimann said: 'We had 2.5 million clicks. It was too much for the shop to handle.'

A statement issued before the pre-sale commenced said:

'The pre-sale ends on 19 December 2019 at the latest, or until the first minting run of 55,000 units has sold out, whichever is earlier. Dispatch of the "Roger Federer" silver coins will start on the issue date of 23 January 2020. If demand exceeds the first minting run, Swissmint reserves the right to produce a further 40,000 coins and issue them in May 2020.

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'Orders for the proof-quality coins and the folder for the "Roger Federer" issue will be accepted only as from the issue date of 23 January 2020.'

'As well as being probably Switzerland's most successful individual sportsman, he is also the perfect ambassador for Switzerland,' the press release for the coin explained. 'That is reason enough for Swissmint to honour Roger Federer with a 20-franc silver coin. The date of issue is 23 January 2020, and the pre-sale (uncirculated quality) begins on 2 December 2019.'

A Roger Federer gold coin will be issued in May 2020.

Roger Federer 20CHF Coin Details

Artist: Remo Mascherini, Flamatt
Alloy: silver 0.835
Weight: 20g
Diameter: 33mm
Legal face value: 20 Swiss francs
Date of issue: 23 January 2020
Mintage: Uncirculated, in blister pack: 55,000 – 95,000 units (depending on public demand)

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