Penguins star on new Falklands 50p coins 


16 September 2018
Pobjoy Mint has launched the first 50p coin in their ‘Penguins of the Falklands’ five-coin set, featuring the Macaroni penguin in full colour.

The series, issued on behalf of the Falkland Islands Government, is the second set of coins featuring penguins, and will celebrate five breeds of Penguins that can be found on the islands, starting with a 50p featuring a head shot of a Macaroni penguin.

The series will continue with 50p coins featuring the Gentoo, King, Magellanic, and Southern Rockhopper penguins. In addition to the colour coins, Pobjoy are also issuing a collector’s album to hold the set which ‘sets the coins against a beautiful image of a group of King penguins and includes information on each breed’.

A spokesperson for Pobjoy Mint said:

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‘Following the amazing success of the first set of Falkland Islands Penguin 50p coins in 2017, we are delighted to announce the release of a brand new set of five coins featuring the five breeds of penguin that are resident on the Islands at some point during the course of the year.

'Known as the penguin capital of the world, it is hard to believe that back in the 18th century these beautiful birds were victimised for oil and, in the case of some breeds, for their beautiful skin. Thankfully, conservation and awareness has changed this and the penguins are now a favourite with tourists. This new series of coins features close-up head shots of the five penguins that inhabit the Falkland Islands, each shown in glorious colour.’

The new coin is limited to 7,500 copies and was released on 2 August. The coin has a coloured cupro-nickel diamond finish and its obverse features the Pobjoy Mint effigy of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II.

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