Online exhibition explores Late Medieval Eastern Mediterranean coinage


26 April 2020
The online exhibition "A Pound of Whatever Silver He Pleases: History and Economy in the Late Medieval Eastern Mediterranean" is now online at the The University of Richmond Museums website.

Through a close examination of 53 unique coins, mostly in silver, from a number of the politically and economically important regional entities during the period, the exhibition utilises monetary history to tell the story of the Mediterranean at a tumultuous point in its past.

The introduction to the exhibition states:

"Coinage is often neglected when determining the history of a place or a power despite its real historical impact and its ability to formulate new narratives of the past. Coinage speaks on issues of politics or economy because of its role in trade, power projection, and art.

"Tracing the changes of this region through its coinage offers a fresh look at the eastern Mediterranean in the thirteenth and fourteenth centuries. While this collection does not claim to be all encompassing, these representative examples can shed light on the history of the region."

Watch a video introduction of the exhibition below…

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Visit the online exhibition.

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