New coin depicts Christopher Robin


22 October 2020
The Royal Mint has released the second coin in their Winnie the Pooh and Friends series, depicting the character of Christopher Robin, best friend and owner of the loveable bear.

The new coins marks the 100th year anniversary of the birth of the original Christopher Robin, the son of renowned author AA Mile, and inspiration for his iconic stories.

On the new 50p coin, Christopher Robin can be seen coming down the stairs, bear in hand, meticulously illustrated in the same innovative watercolour technique The Royal Mint developed for the first coin in the collection, Winnie the Pooh.

Royal Mint’s Product Designer Daniel Thorne worked on both Winnie the Pooh and Christopher Robin coin, in close collaboration with Disney.  He commented,

“Taking an original illustration from a full page of a storybook and condensing it down to the perimeter of a 50p, yet not taking away the essence of the story is a difficult feat but working with the original illustrations has been an amazing opportunity to bring those stories to life in a brand new way.  The popularity of our childhood character coins is no surprise, they allow us a great opportunity to introduce a sense of nostalgia coupled with a splash of colour to make these coins real collector’s items.”

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Clare MacLennan, Divisional Director for Commemorative Coin and The Royal Mint Experience, comments

“As a business, we have seen the success of our childhood character coins grow year on year and with endearing and appealing themes including The Gruffalo, Peter Rabbit and now Winnie the Pooh and Friends, that’s no surprise.  100 years after the birth of Christopher Robin, AA Milne’s son and inspiration for the character, we are delighted to capture this on our latest coin.

“We’ve received overwhelmingly positive feedback to the design of our initial Winnie the Pooh coin and as we launch our Christopher Robin coin, the second coin in our new collection, we look forward to even more people taking up coin collecting as a hobby.”

Christopher Robin Milne was born on 21 August 1920, 100 years ago.  He passed away in 1996.