Mythical creatures coin features antique finish


28 August 2018
The second coin in Pobjoy Mint’s ‘Famous Mythical Creatures’ coin series, produced on behalf of the British Indian Ocean Territory, has been revealed.

The new 2oz fine silver coin features a high-relief illustration of the Minotaur and an ‘antique finish’ which gives the coin a unique colour.

Limited to just 650 copies, the coin is 50mm in width and weighs over 62 grams. It is one of five coins to be issued in the series, following the Siren coin issued earlier this year. The final three coins will feature the Hydra, the Centaur and Medusa, respectively.

A spokesperson for Pobjoy Mint said:

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‘The myth of the Minotaur and Theseus is one of the most fascinating myths of Greek mythology. The Minotaur, the son of Queen Pasiphone and a bull sent by the Greek God, Zeus, was half man and half bull. As the King was so ashamed of this monster, he hid him in a specially constructed labyrinth which was so complicated that no one could ever find the way out alive. Theseus decided to go to kill the Minotaur in order to end the human sacrifices that were made each year. Having entered the labyrinth, unravelling thread as he went, Theseus was not only able to slay the Minotaur but also find his way out of the maze.’

The capsulated coins are packaged in a custom-made acrylic box with an outer printed sleeve and a Certificate of Authenticity and cost £149.95.

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