Latvia issues ‘freedom of Ukraine’ coin


21 January 2023
The Bank of Latvia has released a silver coin dedicated to the freedom of Ukraine, which not only gives symbolic support but will help raise funds for Ukraine’s war effort.

A spokesperson for the Bank of Latvia said:

‘Russia’s invasion of Ukraine changed the course of world history and deeply shocked each of us. Ukraine continues to fight for its freedom, as well as for the values ​​of Western civilization – and therefore also ours.

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'The coin is a reminder – one should not get tired and put up with what is happening in Ukraine. Ukraine’s freedom is the responsibility of all of us.’

Five Ukrainian artists were invited to submit a design for the ‘For the Freedom of Ukraine’ coin, with Serhiy Maidukov’s design being chosen. The artwork focuses on the word ВОЛЯ which has multiple meanings: freedom, will, power.

The Bank added that: ‘the nature of all the works submitted to the competition was deeply emotional and personal.’