Gruffalo 50p coin to be issued in 2019


09 November 2018
A Royal Proclamation of 8 November 2018 has revealed that a new 50p coin will be issued in 2019 to celebrate the children's book character The Gruffalo

The Royal Proclamation states that silver and cupro-nickel 50p coins will be issued featuring on its reverse:

'A depiction of the Gruffalo accompanied by the inscription "THE GRUFFALO". The coins shall have a plain edge.'

The Gruffalo, a big monster that lives in the woods, was created by children's author Julia Donaldson and first published in March 1999, prompting speculation that the coin will be issued in March to mark the twentieth anniversary of the character. The story, which sees a mouse outwit the monster, was adapted for a television animation first broadcast at Christmas in 2009.

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Collectors are being encouraged to register interest in the Gruffalo coin at:

Meanwhile, the Royal Mint have revealed they will be issuing sets of proof 50p coins to mark the fiftieth anniversary of the 50p coin. A tweet from the Royal Mint (shown below) said: 'We are pleased to confirm that we will be releasing two special sets of five proof 50p coins to celebrate 50 years of the 50p.'