Gibraltar's Albert Poggio OBE GMH witnesses creation of Calpe House currency


27 March 2019
Pobjoy Mint were delighted to welcome Albert Poggio OBE GMH to the Mint recently, to watch Calpe House currency being created.

Mr Poggio of the Gibraltar National Mint and Chairman of the Board of Calpe House, a facility in London for sponsored patients sent from Gibraltar for medical treatment, was able to witness the production of Gibraltar Circulating Coins commemorating the opening of the new facility in Norfolk Square, London which opened in July last year.

Calpe House: a home from home

It can be very daunting for a Gibraltar patient to be referred to a London hospital. Patients find themselves away from home with fairly serious and often life threatening illnesses without family and friends to support them.

Calpe House provides a warm, friendly and permanent facility where patients can stay during their treatment with fellow Gibraltarians experiencing similar circumstances providing comfort and support – ‘a home from home.

Calpe House has helped over 5,000 Gibraltar Health Authority sponsored patients over the last 28 years and when the original property became too small to accommodate demand, the Charity purchased three Grade II listed buildings in Norfolk Square, London. The buildings needed to be extensively refurbished and therefore funds were raised by charitable donations, the campaign for which was led by Mr Poggio and his board.

The Circulating coins being produced for Gibraltar commemorate the opening of the New Calpe House on 6 July 2018 and feature the official logo of Calpe House.

For more information on the coins, visit Pobjoy Mint.

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