Festival of Coins is OPEN!


18 August 2020
The month-long celebration of coins and coin collecting is open, bringing you a coin marketplace and a festival programme which will be updated every day!

The ‘Festival of Coins’ is now live, offering collectors a bustling Festival Marketplace, featuring the latest stock and information from a wide range of traders. The online event is supported by Festival Partners:

The first half of the Festival Programme has now been revealed, with highlights including:

  • VIDEO & INTERVIEW: Hidden treasures: coin hoarding in medieval Europe (Dr Murray Andrews)
  • VIDEO: Rorke's Drift to the British Museum: The story of Henry Hook, Henry Hook in Zulu (Henry Flynn, The British Museum)
  • VIDEO: Interview with Graham Birch, author of The Metal in Britain’s Coins
  • VIDEO and Q&A: How to Build a Banknote Collection (Jonathan Callaway)
  • VIDEO: Single finds versus hoards, what kinds of information can we gain from them? (Roger Bland, President, Royal Numismatic Society)
  • LIVE LAUNCH: Medallic Art Co (MACO) website (Jesse Kraft, American Numismatic Society)
  • VIDEO: The Lure of Sceats (Tony Abramson, author of Sceatta List)

Each day, the latest content will become live on the site, giving collectors a daily video or guide to enjoy. You can see the latest updates on the Coin Collector facebook page.

Event organiser Matt Hill said:

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'This is a month-long celebration of the wonderful hobby of coin collecting, and we can’t wait to share the festival programme and open the doors on this new type of event. It’s really exciting and encouraging to be working with numismatic organisations, and to be able to bring thousands of enthusiasts around the world together at this challenging time for us all.'

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