Demand increases for 'N for NHS' 10p


11 May 2020
The latest Scarcity Index from modern coin experts ChangeChecker has revealed that the 'NHS' 10p coin has shot to the top of the list, as people add the coin to their collections.

Popularity has soared for the 'N' 10p piece, one of 26 special coins first issued in 2018 to celebrate aspects of British life, as the Coronavirus pandemic has put the national health service under the spotlight.

According to the latest Scarcity Index, issued by ChangeChecker, the 'N' 10p has knocked the 'B' for James Bond off the top spot. Other movers include 'F' for Fish n Chips, and 'M' for Mackintosh, which have both moved up the table.

Writing on the ChangeChecker website, Rachel Hooper said: 'Now, more than ever, the NHS is playing a vital role to keep us safe and well during the coronavirus pandemic and so it seems only fitting that this 10p has grown in popularity.'

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Examples of the NHS 10p are selling for around £4 on eBay, forty times the face value of the coin, whilst the NHS 50p issued by The Royal Mint in 1998to mark the organisation's fiftieth anniversary is also proving popular. See NHS 10p coins for sale on ebay.

You can read more about the 26 A to Z 10p coins in our special guide.

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