Croatia issue world’s smallest gold coin


09 January 2023
The move from the kuna currency to the Euro is a big leap for the Croatian economy, but the Croatian Mint have chosen to mark the occasion in a very small way, producing what is thought to be the smallest coin in the world.

Measuring just 1.99 millimetres and weighing only 0.05 grams, the miniscule coin features a map of Hum, known as the smallest town in the world, and has a value of one kuna. The coin is part of a gold numismatic set, with a 1000 kuna one ounce gold coin paying homage to the Višnjan Observatory. 

The design on the ‘Hum’ coin, by sculptor Ana Divković, was engraved using an advanced Femto laser and ‘pulse forging’ technology, with each coin being minted individually.

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Ana said: ‘The starting point was reducing the motif almost to a tiny yet readable sign. The obverse shows the door handle of the entrance door to the city of Hum, in the form of the boškarin ox head, since the handle indeed is shaped in this way.On the reverse, I dared to place the entire city to show how tiny it is. I relied on the arts and crafts of the masters at the Mint in developing this design, because Croatia is a small country of very skilful people.’

The numismatic set was limited to only 199 pieces, and presented the two coins as if they are stars in the night sky, and has already sold out. Those collectors lucky enough to have obtained a set also received a pair of gloves and a magnifier to enable them to observe the coin.

Damir Bolta, President of the Management Board of the Croatian Mint, added: ‘As a final memento, before entering the large family of the euro zone community, to proudly mark the change of currency, Croatian Mint managed to produce the smallest numismatic coin in the world.’