Coin hoards database launched


23 January 2023
A new website has been launched which provides information on Medieval coin hoards from Britain and Ireland deposited between about 450 and 1544 AD.

The ‘Medieval Coin Hoards of Britain and Ireland’ (MCHBI) website is run by the British Numismatic Society (BNS) and features details of over 1,900 hoards.

A spokesperson said:

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‘Coin hoards are of paramount importance for work on coinage in the British Isles and Ireland during the Middle Ages. The British Numismatic Society has had a leading role in the publication of hoards since its foundation more than a century ago, and there is great potential in extending this role with the development of this new online resource.’

Initially proposed in October 2021, the project presents a comprehensive hoard data set which can be interrogated in ‘both time and space to reveal distribution patterns’.

The mapping facility on the site allows the location of hoards to be seen, and so contributes to a better understanding of the distribution of known hoards around the country.

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