An extra 2.1 million new 10p A-Z coins enter circulation


05 March 2019
The Royal Mint has confirmed that over 2 million new A to Z ' Great British Coin Hunt' 10p coins are entering circulation in 2019

The Royal Mint has launched the 2019 A to Z 10p coin collection which features 26 individually designed coins, each design reflecting on an aspect of our culture that 'makes Britain great', from the Angel of the North to a Zebra Crossing.

First launched in 2018, the collection has proved incredibly popular though there has been frustration at the lack of coins circulating.

The team recently conducted a survey on the 10p coins, with the help of members of the 'Check Your Change, UK Decimal Coins info, swap and trade' facebook group, and responses included:

Gary Taylor: 'I’m a bus driver that serves 8 towns and links between them in north west. No coins in my change. In fact 10p pieces of any kind are scarce.'

Wendy Malcolm: 'Never seen one. Wouldn't buy these from RM but don't class it as cheating and lost enthusiasm as RM are getting greedy with far too many new coins in one year.'

Tim Marshall: 'I won’t buy them it’s the anticipation of checking my change that I enjoy.'

Linda Freeman: 'I’ve never seen one “in the wild” my post office refused to give me any bags of them, my bank told me that there are sufficient old ten pence still in circulation and they won’t be ordering any new ones until next year if necessary.'

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A poll conducted with members also revealed some interesting results: 

What best describes your success with collecting the A-Z 10p coins?

  • I haven't found any in my change - 431 votes
  • I refuse to buy them from The Royal Mint or anyone else - it's cheating! - 115 votes
  • I bought them direct from Royal Mint - 97 votes
  • I've found between 0 and 10 in my change - 76 votes

In 2019 an additional 2.1 million new coins will enter circulation, whilst uncirculated versions of these designs are also available to purchase from The Royal Mint website.

Nicola Howell, Director of Consumer Business at The Royal Mint said:

'These 26 individually designed coins, each with a quintessentially British subject, is the first ever commemorative range struck on a 10 pence piece. It will be one of the most limited issue coin designs for 2019 to be released into circulation, so to complete the collection we also have an exclusively designed 2019 A to Z collector album.'

According to The Royal Mint: 'There will be 2.1 million of these special 10p coins rolling out into circulation across the country from February.'

Visitors to The Royal Mint Experience will also be able to get their hands on one of these special 10ps as they will be heading into tills in the gift shop and coffee shop.

A collectors’ folder and uncirculated versions of the 10p coins are available to purchase from The Royal Mint website www.royalmint/coinhunt