An additional 2.6 million A to Z 10p coins to be released


08 October 2018
Still looking for those elusive A-Z of Britain 10p coins? It could become easier to find them in the coming weeks following news that an additional 2.6 million coins are to be minted and released into circulation.

The A to Z of Britain 10p coins were first announced in March 2018 and sparked excitement and anticipation amongst coin collectors. But since then the number of the coins discovered in loose change has been very low, with insiders suggesting the coins are not being used due to a lack of demand for new 10p coins, and that shop assistants and post office workers keep the coins for their own collections when they see them.

But now, prompted by the lack of coins in circulation, the Royal Mint and HM Treasury have confirmed that one million copies of each coin will be minted and put into general circulation, this time using banks to distribute the coins.

Writing on the Change Checker website, Rachel Hooper said: 

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'This will be welcome news to collectors who have been struggling to lay their hands on the new 10ps since the initial release in March. We’re hopeful that additional volumes will continue to be struck in line with UK requirements and of course the massive collector demand.'

The 10p coins each represent a different aspect of British culture, see the full list of 26 coins here and watch a video showcasing the coins here.