Steampunk – Nautilus Kilo Edition


09 November 2023
CIT continue their 'Steampunk' series of coins with a design inspired by Jules Verne’s '20,000 Leagues Under the Sea'.

With the 3rd edition of the 'Steampunk' series, we dive deep into the fantastic underwater world known from Jules Verne’s '20,000 Leagues Under the Sea'.

Having left the legendary Nautilus in deep-sea diving gear, we encounter giant sea snails, turtles, octopuses, and shipwrecks.

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Of course, we also come across the series regular – the penny-farthing rider. Succeeding the triumphant 3-ounce edition, this bigger and bolder version is now available with an impressive weight of 1 kg limited to only 111 pieces.

Steampunk coin details

Country Cook Islands (the)
Year 2024
Face Value 100 Dollars
Metal Silver.9999
Weight 1 kg
Size 100 mm
Quality Antique finish
Mintage 111
Technique smartminting® (Ultra High Relief)

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