Stamps, coins and more: Battle of Waterloo collectables


16 April 2015
imports_CCGB_isleofmanbattleofwat_09221.png Isle of Man Battle of Waterloo stamps
A number of collectables are being issued to mark the 200th anniversary of the Battle of Waterloo, as our guide reveals… ...

The Battle of Waterloo has been described as ‘a vital turning point in world history’ and came about following the return from exile of French Emperor Napoleon, who marched to Paris to reclaim the throne before invading Belgium in a bid to break up the combined forces of many European nations.

Napoleon’s surprise attack left a Prussian army depleted but not defeated, and the Prussians soon joined forces with an allied army, known as the Seventh Coalition, and regrouped to face Napoleon.

The resultant battle took place on 18 June, 1815, near Waterloo in what is present-day Belgium, and as we now know, the Duke of Wellington lead the allied army to victory.

A number of collectables are being issued to mark the 200th anniversary…

Royal Mail have issued a set of stamps on the day of the anniversary, 18 June, 2015 - you can read the full details of the stamps in the July 2015 issue of Stamp & Coin Mart magazine.

The Isle of Man Post Office is marking the Battle of Waterloo bicentenary, in collaboration with the Waterloo 200 charity, with eight new stamps presented across four miniature sheets.

The stamps each reproduce a painting recalling the battle, giving the set a historical and dramatic element. In the margins of each of the four miniature sheets we see more historical illustrations, featuring a quote and portrait of both Wellington and Bonaparte, portraits of the allied and French generals involved in the battle, and medals, maps and artefacts relating to the historic event. Find out more:

The Royal Mint have produced a £5 coin to mark the bicentenary.

The only official UK coin to mark the bicentenary, the design of the £5 piece captures the handshake between a triumphant Wellington and Blücher, the spirit of camaraderie. This coin comes complete with a booklet that explores the battle, its great leaders, its legacy on the world – and its impact on Britain’s coinage. Find out more at:

The London Mint Office are distributing a series of medals to coincide with the bicentenary, including a Waterloo Campaign Medal offered 'as a free gift to British citizens'. Minted in solid bronze as originally intended in 1815, by Worcestershire Medal Service, the medal bears the exact design of the campaign medal awarded to the veterans of the Battle of Waterloo.

Meanwhile, Belgium's plans to issue a special Euro coin marking the anniversary have been shelved after France protested that the coin issue would have a negative impact on some Europeans. The intended design will now be used for a commemorative coin, rather than for legal tender.


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