Sierra Leone 'Wild 5' coin features antelope


25 January 2022
Pobjoy Mint has announced the release of the third coin in a series of five coins depicting Sierra Leone’s “The Wild 5” animals featuring the Antelope.

Issued on behalf of Sierra Leone, these new coins are being produced in magnificent High Relief which really shows the detail of the head of the Antelope design and illustrates the appeal of these animals.

The third coin in the series features the spectacular Antelope. The word antelope is used to describe a wide variety of large, horned mammals in the Family Bovidae. They can be found in grasslands, mountains, deserts and wetlands of Africa, Asia, the Middle 

East and North America. The largest of all antelopes is the Eland which is approximately 6 feet tall while the smallest is the Royal antelope which is about the same size as a rabbit at only 10 to 12 inches in height. 

All antelopes have even-toed hooves, horizontal pupils, a stomach adapted for re-chewing of the food and body horns. The horns vary in shape or size depending on the breed and can be straight, spiral, curved or twisted. Antelopes use their horns for fighting against other antelopes during the mating season and to protect themselves, or the herd, from predators. 

Sub-Saharan Africa provides the most incredible opportunities for wildlife sightings, with an extremely varied mixture of animals across the continent. With such diversity of wildlife, Africa holds the titles for the biggest animals, the most dangerous animals, the fastest animals, the strongest animals, the most elusive animals, and so on.

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Therefore, it seems only right to depict some more of these iconic animals on a brand new five coin series.

About the Antelope coin

The coin has been produced in magnificent High Relief in 2oz Proof Fine Silver and is also available in Unc. Cupro Nickel. The design features the head of an Antelope in relief with the word “ANTELOPE” whilst the obverse of the coin shows the coat of arms of the Republic of Sierra Leone.

This is the third coin in the series and a further two coins will be released featuring: The Baboon and The Zebra. 

The Wild 5 – The Antelope - Coin Specification

$20 - 2oz Proof Fine .999 Silver in High Relief

  • Item Code L6728803
  • Issue Limit 500
  • Diameter 50.00mm
  • Weight 62.21gms
  • Release Date 25/01/2022

$1 – Uncirculated Cupro Nickel

  • Item Code L4479403
  • Issue Limit 10,000
  • Diameter 38.6mm
  • Weight 28.28gms
  • Release Date 25/01/2022
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