Scenic Beauty Proof Coin Set


22 December 2022
Japan Mint present a Proof coin set entitled 'Places of Scenic Beauty', marking the 100th Anniversary of protecting historic sites, places of scenic beauty and Natural Monuments.

This set is comprised of six kinds of Japanese legal tender coins issued in 2022 in Proof condition and a silver 925 medal.

The medal is available in 15,000 pieces (89 pieces) and features:

  • Obverse: Miho no matsubara pine tree grove, Shizuoka City, Shizuoka Prefecture, designated in 1922
  • Reverse: The inscription of “Agency for Cultural Affairs” in Japanese and the logo for the c entennial anniversary of monument preservation activities
  • Silver 925
  • 35.0mm
  • Approximately 20g

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If our stock is still available, we will also start selling on our online shop after around the beginning of March.

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