Roman Coins

Your guide to Roman coins from around the world

Rare Roman coins we'd love to own
Thanks to the length and breadth of the Roman Empire, all collectors can own a Roman coin, but there are some examples…
09 August 2021
Your guide to Roman coins
Roman coinage was used across a vast area of the world and across centuries, meaning there is much for collectors to…
12 July 2021
Your quick guide to Roman coins found in Britain
Discover more about Roman coins found in Britain, when they were minted, and how you can add some examples to your own…
10 January 2019
Junk box gems: two coins showing 'wolf and twins' and the helmeted head of Roma
We take a closer look at two little Roman coins, featuring the helmeted head of Roma and on the reverse a wolf and…
27 September 2018
British Museum coins: Coin jewellery in medieval England
In medieval Britain coins sometimes found use beyond the monetary exchange purpose for which they were originally…
14 August 2018
British Museum Coins: The Hoxne hoard
Among the many treasures in the British Museum is a find of silver and gold coins and objects which is the largest of…
01 February 2018
Video: Lecture on the Wold Newton Roman coin hoard
Dr Andrew Woods, Curator of Numismatics, York Museums Trust, discusses the Wold Newton hoard, recently found and newly…
10 January 2018
Collecting Roman coins: Emperor Nero's commemorative sestertii
When the gates of the Temple of Janus in Rome were closed – an event that only happened when Rome’s armies weren’t at…
10 September 2017
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